What to expect when you first start?

 I’m trying to think of any other questions you guys have asked me. What to expect when you first start? A lot of people asked me that. Kind of what to expect is your first day or your first couple of weeks you’re going to be in a class called Core and you’re going to learn the basics. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of people are like, I don’t know anything about hair cutting. Good! You’re not supposed to! You don’t have to. There’s no requirement to know anything. There’s people that have gone to that school and have been like: I don’t know how to do anything! And there are some people that go in there, like; they cut hair outside of school. There’s all different like some areas of knowledge everyone is in, so don’t go in and be like: I don’t know anything about hair and I’m really freaked out. Don’t worry; they’re going to teach you. They’re going to hold your hair the whole way. They won’t leave you behind! They’re not going to be like: Oh! Yeah! Cut this. Bye! See you! No, they’re not going to do that. Everyone is going to be friendly to you. Don’t worry about that. You’re going to feel right at home, trust me! On the first couple of days you might be like, not know anyone, but trust me, people will start talking to you. What else to expect? Pretty much just go in and just be willing to like soak up all and any knowledge and any advice, ideas. Take any opportunity that comes to you. Just, kind of, have an open mind about the school because you’re not going to some, you know Harvard, whatever, you’re going to Paul Mitchell hair school. You’re about to have a really fun time, I guarantee it!