My Journey to Becoming an Esthetician

 I never thought I would end up becoming a registered esthetician growing up. Yes, I had always had an interest in makeup. I loved going through my mom's vanity drawers (though she wasn't too thrilled about it!) and trying out all her makeup. I would invite the neighbor girls over after school or on Saturdays and have them sit down and pretend like they were my clients. But when it came time to go to school, I decided I would be an accountant, so I got into a great school for accounting. About 3 semesters in, I realized what a huge mistake I had made. Sure, as an accountant I could be making close to 6 figures a year, but did I love it? Would I be excited to go to work every day? Not a chance. I quickly dropped my classes and enrolled in a local school to become an esthetician, and I've never looked back. It's my passion, I love making people look and feel better about themselves. And school was a blast. It lasted only 12 full months, and I had a certified degree that said I could work anywhere in the state as an esthetician.

 I applied at a few places when I got out of school, one of which was a Spa that wasn't far from my house where people could go to get all sorts of treatments from mud baths to facials and massages. I was hired, and I absolutely love it! I've been there for 9 years. I get an income of about $32,000 which is a great amount for the location I live in and the lifestyle I lead (you can check Esthetician Salary for more information about salary) . I also get a raise each year, because I preform well and bonuses during the holidays. It's a great life being an esthetician, and I truly look forward to work every day. That's something to be proud of.

Esthetics Career

 Usually, on a day that I work at the Spa (I work 5 days a week), I start around 9. That way I'm there for walk-ins or for people who went to the Spa thinking they only wanted a massage and a steam but then later decided on a facial, waxing or a makeup application before they leave. The nice thing is, though, that if I have a doctor's appointment or want to go to lunch with my friends one day, I can schedule a day ahead of time where I make appointments with my regular clients. That way, even though I am not available for walk-ins, I know when I have clients coming in, and I can clock out when my books are free. The flexibility is great. If I do go in at 9, though, I stay until around 5 by the time my station is cleaned up. I take customers all day with a break and a 45 minute lunch, and I do different clarifying and beautifying procedures on them depending on what they want. Sometimes someone will come in just looking for a new mascara, and we end up giving them a facial, eyebrow waxing and a whole new makeup look! It's really fun.

 I really think that becoming an esthetician has changed my life. It has given me a degree and a career that I am proud of and that I love doing. A lot of my friends can't say that they look forward to going to work every day, but I am lucky that I can. If you are even thinking about going to school to become an esthetician, don't hesitate! Try it out. You can usually apply online, just go to the website of a school near you, and check out the "Admissions" tab to see what the requirements for applying are. If you're worried about money, just submit a financial aid application too. Then, make an appointment with both an admissions advisor (to have a meeting about what to expect at school and a possible school tour) and a financial aid officer (to talk about how you will finance your degree). In my experience, all of these people are super helpful. They want you to go to their school, and they want you to succeed! If you've already graduated from esthetician school, ask your advisors for advice on applying, or ask alumni of your school where they work. Dress professionally, print your resume on quality paper, and go into spas and salons in person to talk with the owner or manager. And remember not to get discouraged if you don't find your dream job on your first day searching. It takes some persistence, but you'll find it! So remember, if you haven't gone to school yet, check out esthetician school today, and plan your future! And if you've just graduated, get out there and show them what you've got! I can assure you, you won't regret pursuing your career as an esthetician, I sure haven't.

What to expect when you first start?

 I’m trying to think of any other questions you guys have asked me. What to expect when you first start? A lot of people asked me that. Kind of what to expect is your first day or your first couple of weeks you’re going to be in a class called Core and you’re going to learn the basics. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of people are like, I don’t know anything about hair cutting. Good! You’re not supposed to! You don’t have to. There’s no requirement to know anything. There’s people that have gone to that school and have been like: I don’t know how to do anything! And there are some people that go in there, like; they cut hair outside of school. There’s all different like some areas of knowledge everyone is in, so don’t go in and be like: I don’t know anything about hair and I’m really freaked out. Don’t worry; they’re going to teach you. They’re going to hold your hair the whole way. They won’t leave you behind! They’re not going to be like: Oh! Yeah! Cut this. Bye! See you! No, they’re not going to do that. Everyone is going to be friendly to you. Don’t worry about that. You’re going to feel right at home, trust me! On the first couple of days you might be like, not know anyone, but trust me, people will start talking to you. What else to expect? Pretty much just go in and just be willing to like soak up all and any knowledge and any advice, ideas. Take any opportunity that comes to you. Just, kind of, have an open mind about the school because you’re not going to some, you know Harvard, whatever, you’re going to Paul Mitchell hair school. You’re about to have a really fun time, I guarantee it!

Happy at School

 I’ve just learned so much different things, you know? Like, I’ve only though: I’ll go in, I’ll learn hair stuff, I’ll take clients, whatever. It’s so much more than that. And, again, like I said, you can just go in just learning hair stuff but there are so many different ways and things people will teach you that if you take it upon yourself to, kind of, soak up that knowledge you really can learn more than just how to cut a haircut. You know, I don’t want to say it like, I don’t want to mean this in a weird way, but you get your money’s worth. You really, really do.
 A lot of people say it’s a lot of money to go there, but just think about like by the time you graduate and stuff like that, if you really just soak up all the knowledge that you are learning in school, you could make all that money back in a year’s time. So, it really does pay for itself. Again, the products they got were great; the Paul Mitchell products are great. Things that I got on my kit, which you guys love, I didn’t even know I would get that many views on that blog and like so many questions, and everyone loves that blog. And I’m really happy that they do because I really do love the school I go to. I’m really glad I chose it and I’m really thankful that you guys are like asking me questions and stuff because I didn’t really see anyone else post a Paul Mitchell article. That’s kind of weird because there are so many people that go to Paul Mitchell? I thought I would be the first one, I guess, but it’s been fun. Yeah! So, this is just kind of my follow up.