Starting School

Hey everyone! OK, so I’m going to do other articles. After I put up my journey, a lot of people were asking me to do, obviously, your first impression is going to be different from a couple of months down the road of a school or pretty much anything you would do in life. So I was going to do it a little bit earlier but then I was like: I’ll wait about six months since the school year is about a year long, depending on how much you go to school and stuff like that. So I waited till my sixth month. I mean it’s January right now so, I think like at the end of this month or in a couple of weeks it will be like my sixth month, I guess time or whatever. I’ve been at this school for six months. Not really so far, but I wanted to say I love this school.
 A lot of different people go into the school either really super wanting to do hair or it’s kind of like something that they fall back on. Something that it’s kind of like: I have nothing else better to do so I guess I’ll just go to hair school. It’s kind of like 50/50. I was one of the people that were straight out of High School and like, this is exactly what I wanted to do. So, I went to this school for that. Because that is the only thing I wanted to do. I didn’t go to college before, 95% of people that go to my school went to college before, decided that it wasn’t for them, either went to Paul Mitchell because it’s what they really wanted to do or is something that they fell back on. So, I was kind of like that really short, small percentage that actually went there straight out of High School and I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do. I can say that I absolutely love it. I really love the school. I love the way they teach us, I love the opportunities the school has for you.