Esthetics School

quotes  There are so many different things that the school gives you then just going to school and graduating and whatever. They give you so many ways to get out there in the industry, to go to fashion shows and to spread your name out. Give you more of a push to actually get yourself out there before you graduate and just kind of kicking out of the nest. And it’s like: Ok, good luck! Go find a salon, whatever! They help you find a job at the end of your school year. They give you, like, opportunities to go do things with other schools, other organizations. They give you so many different ways and they open up so many different doors for you. And it’s pretty mature if you take it or not. So, it definitely is something that you have to take upon yourself, I guess you could say: use the opportunity to your fullest advantage.
 There are some people at my school that are just kind of like, kind of going through. You know, just trying to graduate. And there are some people at my school; they are taking every single day in there like: Ok, what can I do? What can I go to? What class can I go into, right now? But I think it’s a really good thing. They kind of give you the option. They kind of say: Here’s what we’ll give you and it’s your choice if you want to take it or not. You know? And I really like that because it kind of makes you think for yourself. It kind of makes you think like: How is the situation or how this decision is going to affect me I school and in life later on. I guess, I really like that. I hate where I hate where it’s just like it’s kind of forced upon you to do something. And it’s like… So you’re sitting in a class with people that don’t want to be there. I hate that! I like sitting in classes and I like doing opportunities with people that actually want to do them as much as I do. So, I really like that aspect of the school. The people there are really super nice. I love the teachers, I love the staff. Everybody that works there, I love it.