Paul Mitchell The School Dallas

 I’m just writing for my school, Paul Mitchell Dallas, so I’m not speaking for every school there. I’m not saying that every other school is mean. I just have never met anyone from another school and I never met any staff from another school, so. But I really like the people at my school, they’re really friendly, they treat you like you’re another person, they don’t sit there and treat you like you’re a student and you’ve only been here for six months so we’re going to treat you like a little baby. No, they treat you like a normal person and I really like that. How it’s like the freshman and sophomores and stuff? They get treated like crap and the seniors they get away with everything. You Know? It’s not really like that. They kind of treat everyone the same, which I enjoy.

 I really like the school. I feel like I’m learning a lot. In the last six months I have learned more than I could’ve even imagined. Not only things like: How to cut this, or how to dye your hair or how to bleach whatever. I’ve also learned people skills; how to make a resume; how to, you know, get a salon job; how to dress professionally; how to present yourself professionally; how to run a salon; how to…  I’ve learned so many different aspects of, not only the salon world, but the World. I’ve learned how to get a job at his place, etc. I’ve learned so many valuable skills along with people skills. Talking to people, meeting new people, having to address people that are in a bad mood, you know? Someone comes in angry like they messed up their hair, you know? How to deal with people? I’ve learned how to deal with so many different situations when it comes to hair or the workplace.