Happy at School

 I’ve just learned so much different things, you know? Like, I’ve only though: I’ll go in, I’ll learn hair stuff, I’ll take clients, whatever. It’s so much more than that. And, again, like I said, you can just go in just learning hair stuff but there are so many different ways and things people will teach you that if you take it upon yourself to, kind of, soak up that knowledge you really can learn more than just how to cut a haircut. You know, I don’t want to say it like, I don’t want to mean this in a weird way, but you get your money’s worth. You really, really do.
 A lot of people say it’s a lot of money to go there, but just think about like by the time you graduate and stuff like that, if you really just soak up all the knowledge that you are learning in school, you could make all that money back in a year’s time. So, it really does pay for itself. Again, the products they got were great; the Paul Mitchell products are great. Things that I got on my kit, which you guys love, I didn’t even know I would get that many views on that blog and like so many questions, and everyone loves that blog. And I’m really happy that they do because I really do love the school I go to. I’m really glad I chose it and I’m really thankful that you guys are like asking me questions and stuff because I didn’t really see anyone else post a Paul Mitchell article. That’s kind of weird because there are so many people that go to Paul Mitchell? I thought I would be the first one, I guess, but it’s been fun. Yeah! So, this is just kind of my follow up.